Iceland boss likens his side to EPL champions Leicester

Heimir Hallgrimsson (L) head coach of Iceland and Ari Skulason (R) celebrate their 2-1 win over England.

Iceland joint-boss Heimir Hallgrimsson has likened his side to Premier League champions Leicester following Monday’s shock victory over England.

Hallgrimsson and Lars Lagerback’s men pulled off a remarkable 2-1 win against the Three Lions in Nice to advance to a Euro 2016 quarter-final clash with hosts France.

Iceland – a country with a population of just over 330,000 – have never previously qualified for a major tournament.

Leicester created shockwaves last season with their stunning march to the English top-flight title, a year on from a late surge away from the relegation zone.

And Hallgrimsson told "I really would like things to end like they did with Leicester.

"They played to their strengths and we are trying to do the same. I think there is the same kind of spirit in both teams, we are willing to work together."

During a match on Monday that left England humiliated and prompted the immediate resignation of boss Roy Hodgson, Hallgrimsson and fellow co-boss Lagerback were seen laughing in the dugout when Iceland scored their second goal and ultimate winner.

Asked about that incident, Hallgrimsson added: "It was just a moment of relief. We said before the match that conceding an early goal was the worst possible thing.

"To answer that quickly was a psychological boost for us. It shocked us a bit when they scored this early, but I think it shocked the English even more to concede right away.

"There was nothing special about that laugh, just in the moment, it was just fun."