Ibrahimovic says will be hard to watch World Cup

After missing out on the World Cup, Sweden forward Zlatan

Ibrahimovic doesn’t consider the tournament to be compulsory

viewing – at least for him.

Sweden was eliminated in the playoffs last month by Cristiano

Ronaldo’s Portugal, leaving 32-year-old Ibrahimovic with some time

off after Paris Saint-Germain’s season.

”For sure I will see some games, but it’s not like I will run

home and sit in front of the television,” he said Friday during a

telephone conference call to promote PSG’s friendly against Real

Madrid on Jan. 2 in Doha, Qatar.

Sweden lost 3-2 at home to Portugal for a 4-2 aggregate


Ibrahimovic said it would be a ”struggle to watch games”

during the tournament in Brazil.

”I’m suffering. It goes away, slowly, slowly,” he said.

”Every game I am playing and trying to bring out this anger in a

positive way.

”I think that disappointment will come back in the World Cup,”

he added.

Repeatedly referring to himself as ”Zlatan” in the third

person, Ibrahimovic said media had portrayed him as ”arrogant”

and ”cocky” with a big ego.

”If you have a big ego, you don’t win 20 trophies,” said

Ibrahimovic, who has won league titles with Ajax, Inter Milan,

Barcelona, AC Milan and PSG. ”This is something media makes up and

you have to live with.

”I try to be myself,” he said, going on to add that he can be

testy during interviews. ”When you ask a stupid question, you get

a stupid answer. That’s the way it is.”