Ibra: Eastlands switch unlikely

Reports over the weekend claimed that Ibrahimovic is the latest

high-profile signing that the Premier League’s big spenders want to

add to the squad over the summer. Ibrahimovic played under City

boss Roberto Mancini at Inter Milan and has only been with their

city rivals since last summer after joining from Barcelona. The

Sweden international feels he is approaching the final few seasons

of his career and suggested he does not intend to play for another

club before he retires. “Me at Manchester City? Well, I say

nothing,” the 29-year-old told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I still

have three years left to play at AC Milan, then I see the end of my

career. “I don’t have the strength to change and move one more

time. But, in football things can change quickly.” Ibrahimovic also

had some words of advice for his former Inter team-mate Mario

Balotelli, who has endured a fitful first season in the Premier

League with City. He added: “When you are a talent, you need the

right environment to grow well, but it is not always enough. “Look

at Balotelli – he had so much talent, the right environment, but he

didn’t go to the last level.”