Hughton looking for new job

The 52-year-old has been out of work since Newcastle showed him the

door in December, with the Magpies lying 11th in the Premier League

table at the time. Hughton said on Saturday he has enjoyed the

break – but with three Premier League teams currently managerless

he is hoping for a return to the game soon. He told Sky Sports

News: “I’ve enjoyed the period of time I’ve had out (of

management)… but I feel I’ve been ready for quite some time.

“I’ve always said I’d like to get back in at the right time and at

the highest level possible.” Chelsea, Fulham and Aston Villa are

all seeking a new manager and Hughton admitted: “I don’t think

there are many people who wouldn’t be interested in those jobs.

“Maybe those clubs will have people in mind but of course I’d be

interested in jobs of that calibre. “But there is a process that

takes place and I’m as aware of that as everyone else.” Hughton led

Newcastle out of the Championship last year and may also be on the

radar of Cardiff, who sacked Dave Jones on Monday after their hopes

of promotion to the Premier League disappeared in the play-offs.

The former Tottenham, West Ham and Brentford defender added: “I

would like to think what I’ve done in the last couple of years

would stand me in good stead and that I would be in people’s

thoughts. “I want to get back into the game in a management

position, I feel I served a long apprenticeship as a number two,

which stood me in good stead. “For me the most important thing is

to get back at the highest level possible – but the calibre of

clubs in the Championship is very high.” Hughton added that he

enjoyed his time out of the game and felt last season’s top flight

was “closer than ever”. He said: “There were surprises towards the

end of the season but I think the gap between the top and bottom of

the Premier League has been closer than ever – and we saw a really

competitive Championship too.”