Hughes told to expect ‘special welcome’

Hughes is likely to come in for plenty of stick from Wolves’ fans

because of his long and successful involvement with the club’s

local rivals West Brom. McCarthy has plenty of respect for the

former Oldham player who has slowly but surely rebuilt his

reputation as a consistent goalscorer. McCarthy said: “I am sure

Lee Hughes will get a special welcome. It might do the game good.

“The games can be notoriously quiet and you turn up and need

something to cheer. “It always concerns me because whenever I

turned up at grounds where I got abuse, it inspired me to play

well. “It never bothered me but the fans will do exactly as they

please, let me tell you. “You can’t give it (abuse) as a player or

a manager. You just have to wave, or a little smile, because we are

not allowed to give the same amount of abuse.” McCarthy added: “Lee

is a good player, let’s not forget that, and he has scored goals

wherever he’s been. “You tend to find if you are a good player, and

you score goals against the opposition, you do get a bit of grief.”