Podcast: Howard Webb on video replay and its influential future in soccer

Video replay is set to take on a bigger and more influential role in soccer worldwide, and former referee Howard Webb discusses just how transformational it can become on the new episode of the Planet Fútbol Podcast. 

Webb, who is currently based in New York as the head of the Professional Referee Organization's Video Assistant Replay (VAR) program, explains the implementation of video replay and the circumstances under which it would be used in his chat with SI's Grant Wahl.

Part of the conversation involves past controversial instances in history in which replay would have been used to overturn calls and make the right decision: Thierry Henry's uncalled handball that helped France qualify for the 2010 World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo's uncalled offside exploits in decisive moments against Bayern Munich in the second leg of last week's Champions League quarterfinals and, yes, Torsten Frings's uncalled handball on the line in the 2002 World Cup that helped Germany beat the USA in the quarterfinals.

Webb also discusses his own journey, which included refereeing the final of the UEFA Champions League and World Cup in the same year, and his work since hanging up his whistle and leaving the field.

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