How Friday’s World Cup draw will work

The draw to divide the 32 World Cup teams into eight groups of

four is expected to take about 35 minutes. Here’s a quick look at

how it will work on Friday:

STEP 1: From the pot containing 9 European qualifiers, known as

Pot 4, one team is picked at random. It is put in Pot 2, which has

the 5 teams from Africa, plus Chile and Ecuador. This ensures that

all 4 pots now have the same number of teams: 8.

STEP 2: The 8 teams in Pot 1 – containing host Brazil plus the

top 7 seeded teams – are picked out one after another, starting

with Brazil, and then divided into 8 groups, labeled A to H, with 1

team in each group.

STEP 3: One of the South American teams that was in Pot 1 –

either Brazil, Argentina, Colombia or Uruguay – is designated at


STEP 4: The European team in Pot 2 is now put into that South

American team’s group.

STEP 5: Pot 2 is emptied, with its 7 remaining teams picked out

one after another and divided into the groups, with one in each


STEP 6: The 8 teams in Pot 3 are drawn and put into the


STEP 7: The 8 teams in Pot 4 are drawn and put into the


Groups A to H now all have 4 teams.