Hooray! Henry back to his best

Former skipper Henry came in for harsh treatment from some sections

of supporters before Wanderers ended an eight-game run without a

win by defeating Wigan 3-1 last weekend. O’Hara said: “Karl is a

good character. The fans got on his back but that’s football, it

can change. “You have a couple of good games, which he has had, and

the fans are on his side again. That’s football, you have got to

take the rough with the smooth. He is a great player to have in

your team. “Against Wigan, he was superb, he was great. That is

probably the best game I’ve seen him play for Wolves to be honest.

“He was everywhere, got forward as well, made a great run for one

of the goals, and he needs to have games like that. He is a leader

on the field and a good player to have in the team.”