Holloway issues McCarthy apology

The Premier League are investigating Blackpool chief’s Holloway’s

decision to make 10 changes to his side for Wednesday’s 3-2 defeat

to Aston Villa. Wolves were given a suspended £25,000 fine

when McCarthy made similar changes for a game at Old Trafford last

season, but Holloway said the two situations were different because

McCarthy had admitted “playing a lesser XI” as he felt his side

could not win. McCarthy was unhappy with such a suggestion but

revealed on Friday: “I’ve spoken to Ollie about the comments

attributed to me and my team and he has apologised to me and said

he will apologise publicly. “If anyone can find those comments from

me, saying I couldn’t beat Manchester United and was going to field

a weakened side, then they are a better man than me. “I was less

than pleased when I saw the comments because me and Ollie are pals

and have always been very supportive of each other. “He supported

me last year when this happened to me but, fair play to him, he has

apologised and we will stay mates and that’s the way it should be.”