Henry: Plenty wrong with Reds

New England Sports Venture finally wrestled the club off Tom Hicks

and George Gillett on Friday. Henry and one of his business

partner’s Tom Werner attended Sunday’s Merseyside derby for their

first taste of English football as owners. Speaking about NESV’s

£300million purchase, Henry disputed claims that they got the

club for less than they should have paid. “I know some people are

saying this was a cheap price for the club but there is no way we

look at it like that,” said Henry. “As you do due diligence, if you

are really diligent you are trying to find everything that’s wrong

– and we found plenty. “There is a huge amount of work to do here

and it will take a long time. There were big financial issues but

in the end we decided we really wanted to compete at this level.

“We have to be smart, bold and aggressive because it’s a great

challenge. There were lots of reasons why we could have decided not

to go through with this. “There were many times we thought it was

too big a challenge but this club is worth it – and we are excited

by that challenge.”