Heitinga ‘committed’ to Toffees

The Holland international, who is set to play in his country’s Euro

2012 qualifier against Hungary, has dismissed reports at the

weekend he will consider his future with the Toffees in the summer.

“Of course, I want to play. I always want to play and especially

here at Everton, where I am delighted with the way the supporters

have taken to me,” said the 27-year-old World Cup runner-up. “I am

like every footballer – I want to play regularly and I get

frustrated when I am not able to play and help the team. “The

manager can only select 11 players to start each game and I am like

every other professional footballer in that I want to be in the

team. “I have confidence in my own ability in the same way as the

other players do at Everton. “Every player thinks he should be

playing and every player thinks he’s better than the competition.

If you don’t then it shows a lack of self-belief.” Heitinga added

on the club’s website: “All I can say is that I love playing at

Everton and I love playing for the manager. “I am not happy when I

am not playing but I haven’t met many footballers who are happy

when they’re not involved. “The manager has told all the players

here that we will get playing time and it’s up to us to make the

most of it and to take the opportunity. “I am nothing less than

100% committed to Everton Football Club and will continue to be the

same every time I play.”