Harry: Big Christmas vital to Spurs

Harry Redknapp admits he will get tough with his Tottenham players over Christmas if they do not keep up their impressive start to the season.

Spurs are excellently placed in third going into December, but Redknapp is anxious the festive celebrations are not ruined.

The Tottenham boss is keen to make sure his side keep up the pressure at the top end of the table.

“One year at Portsmouth we got beaten by Southampton so I cancelled the festivities. That didn’t make me too popular, I can tell you,” Redknapp said.

“But we all care so passionately about the game and about Tottenham Hotspur football club that you just can’t turn off.

“I could have the grandkids around for a Christmas meal, but deep down there’s a chance I will be in a hump if results have gone badly. It’s silly really, but that’s how my Christmasses are every year – and I am not alone in that.”

Redknapp knows that the Christmas period can be a stressful time.

“It’s hard. There are a lot of games but its a job that ends up affecting so many people’s lives. So you do everything you can,” he sid.

“This Christmas, for instance, we’ll be training on Christrmas Day for our Boxing Day trip to Fulham.

“It becomes second nature and the whole festive period is about training and playing. So no different to any other time of the season.”