Report: Former MLS player caught on CCTV punching, kicking girlfriend

Former MLS player Hanyer Mosquera was caught on camera and arrested for punching his girlfriend in the face in an elevator, according to Colombian news site Pubil Metro.

In the video, which has been shared on social media, Mosquera punches Hindira Herazo before proceeding to kicker when she is on the ground.

Herazo told local media that the couple's argument started when they were in their apartment together. 

Mosquera was previously a defender with the Portland Timbers and now plays for the Rionegro Aguilas in Colombia. The team issued a statement saying they had seen the video and do not condone any violence and sent their condolences to the victim. 

He was recently disciplined by the team for showing up to practice intoxicated.

An investigation into the elevator incident is underway.

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