Grayson’s Premier League snub

Huddersfield boss Simon Grayson said he turned down the chance

to take charge of a top-flight club during his time as manager at


Grayson, 42, sacked by Leeds in February and installed as Lee

Clark’s successor at Huddersfield less than three weeks later, said

his loyalty as a manager could never be questioned and that he was

now at a club who backed him to the hilt.

“I’ve been very loyal as a manager during my time, three years

at Blackpool and three at Leeds and believe me during that period

of time at Leeds I had the chance to go and manage a club in the

Premier League, but didn’t want to do that.

“I wanted to stay with the club that I had always supported and

wanted to take the club forward. But (Huddersfield chairman) Dean

(Hoyle) made a decision and I jumped at the chance to get back into

work with him because I could sense we had a driving ambition to

take a football club forward.

“He backed me in terms of the financial side of it, but he could

see what I wanted to do as a manager and what I had done

previously, how hard I work and how my teams have played and I

think we’ve got a very good understanding and a good


“Everybody here is pulling in the same direction. You look at

the training ground now, we’re spending a lot of money on it and

the team is progressing. I’ve got everybody here working with me to

make this a successful football club.”