Gold: Don’t allow Pompey to fold

Portsmouth were on Wednesday granted extra time to fight a

winding-up petition from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. The

Premier League’s bottom club were given seven days to produce a

statement of affairs to HMRC to detail their exact financial

position. HMRC claim Pompey owe them more than £11million in

total. A figure of £7.4million of VAT is included in the

winding-up petition, which Portsmouth are disputing. Former owner

Alexandre Gaydamak claims to be owed £28million and

ex-Portsmouth defender Sol Campbell is suing for £1.7million.

If Portsmouth were closed down, the Premier League would be reduced

to 19 teams and their results would be wiped out, giving the table

a new look. Gold said in the Mail on Sunday: “Anything that impacts

on the integrity of the Premier League has to be addressed and if a

club go bust, all the points are wiped out, giving an advantage to

some clubs and a disadvantage to others. “That can’t be right. For

that reason, you have an obligation to save a football club. “We

have allowed Portsmouth to get into this mess. The brand is 20

Premier League football clubs. We must take responsibility.”