What the heck is going on with Rangers and manager Mark Warburton?

Strap yourselves in for a good, old-fashioned mystery fresh from Scotland, ladies and gents. Historic club Glasgow Rangers are mired in a he-said/he-said of epic proportions with (former?) manager Mark Warburton.

Here’s what we know: Rangers have said that Warburton and his staff tendered their resignations, which the club accepted. “Mr Warburton, Mr Weir, and Mr McParland have therefore been notified in writing that their notices of termination have been accepted,” the club said in a statement.

There’s just one problem. The trio are “categorically denying” resigning from their positions, according to Sky Sports. That certainly doesn’t jibe with what the club is saying, which has reiterated their position and have put an interim coach in place for Sunday’s match.

According to the BBC, the 54-year-old Warburton is consulting with his legal team. The rumors are that Warburton and his staff resigned earlier this week ahead of taking a gig at Nottingham Forest in England’s Championship division. Nottingham Forest opted to retain their current interim staff, leaving everything a mess.

Per Rangers’ statement, the staff waived the right to compensation as part of the resignation. But with Nottingham Forest no longer on the table, Warburton & Co. attempted to alter that agreement. “A further Board meeting was held this afternoon to discuss this and it was decided not to agree to this additional request but to hold with the original agreement,” Rangers said.

Under-20s coach Graeme Murty will lead Rangers against Greenock Morton in Sunday’s Scottish Cup fifth-round matchup, according to the club. What Warburton will be up to is anyone’s guess, but it seems pretty clear that Rangers are ready to move on without him.

What a fiasco.