Giggs waits for contract talks

However, given the Scot’s assessment of Giggs’ performance against

Liverpool at Old Trafford, it seems certain the winger will be

granted another 12 months. “Ryan is an incredible human being,”

said Ferguson. “He defies the logic of forwards when he plays at

the level he did last Sunday. “Obviously we know how to manage him.

He doesn’t play every week but he makes a contribution that lifts

the team. He did that in the second half last week. He was

outstanding. “His fitness was fantastic. He kept going for the

whole 90 minutes. He has been doing that for two decades. “No other

player has ever done that – or is ever likely to. He is quite an

amazing man.” That will be welcome news for the 37-year-old, who,

having ruled out an international comeback, is keen to extend his

club career for as long as possible. “I am feeling good and as long

as I am feeling good and still enjoying it, I will carry on

playing,” he told the Manchester Evening News. “As long as the club

wants me as well, I will.”