Giggs ready for Ferguson talks

Giggs, who has spent his entire career at United, is halfway

through the latest in a succession of one-year contracts that have

become the norm for the Welshman since he entered his thirties.

Little could anyone have imagined that, at the age of 38, Giggs

would still be producing performances of the high standard he

delivered at Fulham on Wednesday night. Sir Alex Ferguson described

the contribution from Giggs to United’s 5-0 win as “incredible”,

and it also featured the midfielder’s first Premier League goal of

the season. That extended his unique record of scoring in every

campaign since the new competition began in 1992. Giggs told

United’s official website: “It’s almost that time when I’ll sit

down with the manager and see what his plans are [for the future]

and I’ll see how I’m feeling. “At the moment I feel really good and

I’m enjoying things more than ever, so we’ll just have to wait and