Gers pair charged for comments

Green faces a charge of bringing the game into disrepute for

claiming “bigotry” was one of the reasons behind his club being

denied entry to the Scottish Premier League.

McCoist has allegedly breached disciplinary rules as a result of

comments he made about the SFA’s Judicial Panel in April, when he

demanded the panel members be named publicly.

Rangers and McCoist have until August 17 to respond, with a

principal hearing date of August 30 set for both cases to be


The charge against Green relates to a breach of the SFA’s

Articles of Association “insofar as…Charles Green brought the

game into disrepute and did not act in the best interests of

football by not behaving towards other members with the utmost good

faith, all by making comments in a media interview which suggested

that decisions taken concerning the future of Rangers FC were

motivated, in part, by bigotry.”

The former Sheffield United chief executive made the comments in

an interview at Glebe Park ahead of Rangers’ Ramsdens Cup tie

against Brechin on July 29.

Green told BBC Scotland: “Some of it has been driven by bigotry,

some of it’s been driven by jealousy and some of it’s been driven

by all the wrong motives.”

Green’s Sevco consortium purchased the assets and business of

Rangers when the club were consigned to liquidation over the


SPL clubs then voted against the newco being admitted to

Scottish football’s top flight before Scottish Football League

sides voted in favour of Rangers playing in the Third Division,

with their first game taking place at Peterhead on Saturday.

Earlier on Friday McCoist said that he, along with Green and the

rest of the Ibrox board, are now in a position to move Rangers in

the right direction again.

He said: “It goes without saying that the club means everything

to me, like it does for thousands of other people.

“My concern was the uncertainty of where we were going to be,

who was going to take us forward, what the plans were for the


“We are in a far, far better place today than we have been for a

number of months.

“Thanks to Charles and the board, I’ve been involved in a lot of

the meetings and they have kept me up to speed.

“I’ve been to a lot of meetings, quite frankly, that managers

normally wouldn’t go to.

“For that, I’m very thankful because I felt my experience within

the club should have been represented and it was. I now feel we are

in a position to move forward.

“I’ve had numerous meetings with the board, Charles and the

chairman Malcolm Murray, and I’m really confident that we’re

singing from the same hymn sheet in terms of taking the club

forward in the right direction.”

SPL clubs voted against newco Rangers’ application for entry to

the top-flight in the summer and McCoist is now relishing the

prospect of the coming season in the Scottish Football League.

He said: “I’ve sensed a complete difference in atmosphere and


“The SPL clubs voted us out of the SPL, which they were

absolutely entitled to do.

“Then we got the opposite effect in the SFL and they

overwhelmingly welcomed us into the league and for that we are

eternally grateful.

“We must now show the SFL respect and thanks by making new

friends and embracing the league, which we will do.”

On tomorrow’s game, he added: “It’s massive in the respect that

we’re off and running again and where we want to be in terms of

playing football.

“There is a feelgood factor now because we know where we are, we

know what we’re faced with and we know what we have to do.

“The club has been through the mill over the last 10 months and

it’s been really tough but we’ve come through it at this moment in


“We are extremely positive and upbeat about the whole thing.

“It’s a massive day for everybody involved with the club and I

just hope we go up there and make new friends and do ourselves

justice and win the game.”