Gerrard haunted by Prem failure

The 31-year-old has tasted just about every success you can as a

player with Liverpool winning the Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA

Cup and Carling Cup. But the title medal remains nothing more than

a dream at this point, and Gerrard admits that troubles him. “It’s

something I think about almost every day,” he said. “I always think

about the dream of winning it – or the disappointment if I was

never to win it. “Of course, it would be hugely disappointing if it

didn’t happen. To have played at Liverpool for what will,

hopefully, be 14 or 15 years by the time I finish and not win it

would be hugely disappointing. “It would be an awful shame. But it

won’t be for a lack of trying. “With the squad we have now, if we

can keep improving and progressing and adding to it in the next few

years, I think we’ll have a really good chance of becoming

champions. “But I’ve played in an era where there have been three,

four or five top teams in the league. “When Liverpool dominated,

they were so good they often turned it into a one-horse race right

from the start of the season. “In my time, we’ve been fighting with

Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and now Manchester City and

Spurs. They have all been, or are, fantastic teams. It’s a really

difficult competition to win, but we’ll always keep fighting.”

Gerrard, who is recovering from an ankle infection, insists that he

has not given up on his title dream and he still feels Liverpool

can make a challenge again. “It was great to see so many players

come in,” he said. “It wasn’t just during the summer either. There

was also Luis (Suarez) and Andy (Carroll), who still feel like new

signings because they came halfway through last season. “Since

then, we’ve added Charlie Adam, Jordan Henderson, Craig Bellamy,

Stewart Downing and Sebastian Coates. The majority of them are

strong British lads, who know the league well. They’ve also got

quality. “The squad is looking stronger – probably the strongest

we’ve had for a long time. Now it’s all about delivering. “The

tools are all there. Now we need to work hard, focus on each game

and try to build on what we’ve shown over the last 20 or so games.

“At Liverpool, your standards have got to be so high every single

week. You have to perform every time. “That’s what I’ve had to do

every year and that’s what the new lads are coming to terms with.”