Gazidis: City are jealous

The Gunners extended their stay in the FA Cup with a 3-2 win

over Aston Villa on Sunday while City bowed out to Manchester

United in the third round.

City exited the Carling Cup at the semi-final stage to Liverpool

last week and they are now facing Europa League football after

missing out on qualifying for the knock-out stage of the Champions


However, City are top of the Premier League table ahead of the

Red Devils while Roberto Mancini’s troops are 18 points ahead of

Arsenal and current favourites for a first-ever Premier League


City have spent hundreds of millions of pounds assembling one of

the best squads in European football, although Gazidis insists

Arsene Wenger’s side incorporate a ‘value system’ that promotes

long-term sustainability.

“We’re in three competitions this year. Manchester City would

love to be in three competitions,” explained Gazidis. “They’re not.

So money is not everything in this game.

“I don’t disagree that it’s important. But we do things based on

a value system. We’re about creating star players, not about buying


“We’re about what happens in a team, between players, not

individual superstars. And that’s an inspiration to people around

the world. We can’t afford to compete with oil money and we can’t

afford to compete with super-wealthy individuals from Russia.

“But the more important thing about our model is that it’s

sustainable. Our business model means we can continue to do what

we’re doing forever.

“We’re proud of the way we do things and we’re proud of the

results that we’re able to produce from that.”