Report: Ex-Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova rushed to hospital

The former Barcelona boss was diagnosed with throat cancer in late 2011.

AFP/AFP/Getty Images


Spanish media is reporting former Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova is in hospital again because of a recurrence of the throat cancer he has been fighting for more than two years.

Spain’s national radio broadcaster reported Vilanova underwent emergency surgery at a local Barcelona hospital because of his deteriorating health, with the 45-year-old in serious condition according to the report.

RNE says Vilanova originally checked into the hospital last Friday because of gastric complications.

Vilanova left Barcelona last summer to focus on battling the cancer, which was originally diagnosed in late 2011 when he was still an assistant to then coach Pep Guardiola.


Vilanova was forced to seek treatment for the recurring tumor in a saliva gland again during his only season as coach, when he led Barcelona to the Spanish league title.