Fletcher vows to make amends

The Scotland international suffered heartache in the semi-final

second-leg against Arsenal last term when he, unjustly, received a

red card for bringing down Cesc Fabregas in the area, thus ending

his dreams of running out in Rome. The incident came just 12 months

after the 25-year-old was an unused substitute in the penalty

shoot-out win over Chelsea in the final in Moscow. However Fletcher

insists he is determined to get another shot at European glory for

the sake of his family, in particular his mother and three sisters.

“I try not to dwell on it and it has made me more determined to get

there again,” he told club fanzine United We Stand. “When I got

sent-off against Arsenal, I had my little sisters and mum crying on

the phone. “They were not at the game but I called them straight

after. I saw the missed calls on my phone. Mum and dad and my three

little sisters – they were distraught. “They are 10, 16 and a year

younger than me. I had to put a brave face on it and promised that

I would drag the lads to another Champions League final. “I said,

‘what’s meant to be will be’, and then I decided to concentrate on

winning the league with United. I had to take it on the chin and

not let it affect me.” Fletcher’s absence in the final against

Barcelona was keenly felt by United, highlighting how far he has

come over the last two seasons, but the midfielder admits there was

a time when he questioned his Old Trafford future. “There was a

time in 2008 (when I considered leaving),” he added. “I went to see

the manager and said, ‘I’ve hardly played boss’. “He looked at me

and said, ‘I’m not letting you go. I need you’.”