FIFA president promises $25K to Togo goalkeeper

FIFA’s president is promising $25,000 for the goalkeeper who was

shot and badly injured in the terror attack on the Togo soccer

team’s bus at the Africa Cup of Nations in January.

Kodjovi Obilale says he received a letter from Sepp Blatter this

weekend. Blatter wrote that the money would come from a FIFA

humanitarian fund.

Obilale says he has struggled to get help from the Confederation

of African Football, which organized the competition, from Angola,

which hosted it, and from Togo.

He wrote to Blatter in August asking for his assistance.

Obilale, speaking Monday, says Blatter wrote that FIFA could not

be held responsible for the ”tragic” attack, but that FIFA will

still ”continue to study this dossier.”

Obilale was shot twice in the back.