FIFA president Blatter says no to replays

Sepp Blatter remains adamant that replays will not be used to

review decisions as long as he is the president of FIFA.

There has been renewed pressure to use video technology after a

handball by Thierry Henry in the lead-up to the goal that allowed

France to reach the World Cup at the expense of Ireland last


“Referees shall remain human, and we will not have monitors to

stop the game to see if we are right or wrong,” Blatter said.

“Please don’t insist on this theme.”

FIFA has resisted the use of replays since Blatter said results

were inconclusive when tested at the Club World Cup two years


“There will be no more discussion (between fans) and then no

more hope and then no more life,” added Blatter. who plans to run

for re-election in 2011.

Low attendances have marked the first batch of games at the Club

World Cup, with Al Ahli’s early exit not helping.

“We dreamed of a better performance,” UAE soccer federation

president Mohammed Khaltan Al-Rumaithi said. “Al Ahli didn’t plan

very well for this tournament. We didn’t see very serious


Al-Rumaithi said the UAE was keen to bring the event back in the

future, with the event returning to Japan for two years after

another year in Abu Dhabi in 2010.