FIFA official says some turf may need to be replaced

The condition of the turf at B.C. Place Stadium has been a growing concern ahead of the Women's World Cup.

Rich Lam/Getty Images

A FIFA official acknowledges that the artificial turf at some of the sites for this year’s Women’s World Cup in Canada may need to be replaced for the competition.

The artificial turf has become a contentious issue with some of the players who believe the games should be played on natural grass. A group of players has filed a complaint in Canada, saying the plan amounts to gender discrimination because the men’s World Cup is held on grass.

FIFA’s head of women’s competitions, Tatjana Haenni, spoke at an event promoting women’s soccer in Philadelphia on Friday.

She says all sites are being tested to make sure they meet FIFA standards, but pointed to recent concerns expressed about Vancouver’s B.C. Place – where the World Cup final match is scheduled for July 5.

She says the event will go on as planned on artificial turf.