FIFA lifts suspension of Nigerian federation

FIFA lifted a suspension of Nigeria on Friday following the

dismissal of a lawsuit against the country’s football


The world governing body had suspended Nigeria on Oct. 4 because

of government interference, which breaches FIFA statutes protecting

the independence of elected football officials.

The suit by Nigeria’s national players’ organization sought to

annul recent federation elections.

FIFA said court actions against the officials have now ended,

allowing them to “work without hindrance.”

FIFA and Nigeria have had troubled relations since the national

team slumped to a first-round exit at the World Cup in June.

Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan threatened to pull all

national teams from competition and investigate the federation for

corrupt misuse of team funds. Jonathan backed down only when FIFA

threatened a ban to defend federation officials.

Also Friday, FIFA’s ruling panel confirmed Togo will be

suspended if it fails to organize new federation elections by Nov.


FIFA sanctions prevent a country’s national and club teams, plus

officials, from taking part in international matches and