FIFA clears Mexico fans of homophobic chants after complaints

FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings following Mexico's victory over Cameroon.

Hector Vivas/STR/LatinContent/Getty Images

Mexico have been cleared of improper conduct by their fans following complaints that their supporters used homophobic chants.

The fans’ shouts of ‘Puto’ when the opposing keeper takes a goal-kick is common-place in Mexican football, but anti-discrimination group FARE reported it to FIFA on the basis that it was homophobic language.

The Mexican Federation of Association Football was charged with improper conduct but has been cleared.

A FIFA spokeswoman said: "Disciplinary proceedings were opened against Mexico for improper conduct of spectators during the match, Mexico v Cameroon.

"The FIFA disciplinary committee has decided that the incident in question is not considered insulting in this specific contest. All charges against the Mexican FA have been dismissed"

FARE also reported Brazilian fans for similar chants and it now appears there will be no action against the host nation either.


FIFA is also analyzing the case of a man who invaded the pitch during Germany’s match with Ghana with neo-Nazi messages written on his body.

The messages included "HH" signifying Heil Hitler plus "SS" in reference to the Nazi paramilitary force.

FARE has compiled a report on the pitch invasion and will also mention a small number of fans wearing black-face make up at the match in Fortaleza.