FIFA candidate Prince Ali seeks more say for national associations

Soccerex Chairman Tony Martin (L) shakes hands with FIFA presidential candidate, Jordan's Prince Ali bin al-Hussein.



FIFA presidential candidate Prince Ali of Jordan says national associations need to have more say in the governance of world football because ”you cannot run everything from Zurich.”

Prince Ali also told a regional SoccerEx conference Sunday that it was ”a bit shocking” that he and two other challengers to incumbent Sepp Blatter have not been able to speak at recent FIFA events.

Blatter’s two other challengers are Dutch FA head Michael van Praag and former Portugal international Luis Figo.

Asked in an onstage interview if two challengers might pull out before the May 29 election, presumably to improve the chances of anyone unseating Blatter, he said: ”I think we will be communicating with each other, but right now we are all focused on what we want to do.”