FIFA, Argentina tax agency to curb transfer scams

ZURICH (AP) FIFA is working with Argentina’s tax agency to help prevent international player transfer scams that avoid tax payments.

The agency says FIFA President Sepp Blatter has promised to share information from the governing body’s online transfer monitoring system. It processes financial details of cross-border player deals.

Argentina’s chief tax collector Ricardo Echegaray says in a statement the country is linked to exporting players to ”sporting tax havens.”

In so-called ”bridge transfers,” players join a club and often never play before moving on.

FIFA fined five Argentine clubs this month and imposed a one-year transfer embargo on Uruguayan club Sud America.

Echegaray says working with FIFA can help ”reduce the maneuvering room of these middle men”

FIFA vice president Julio Grondona and Argentina’s ambassador to Switzerland, Antonio Trombetta, attended Friday’s meeting.