Fernandes hits back in Irons row

Fernandes, the Malaysian businessman behind AirAsia and the Lotus

Formula One team, announced on Thursday he had submitted an offer

for the club he supports. But Sullivan told the Evening Standard:

“Tony Fernandes wanted to buy 51% of the club for two bob.”

Fernandes, though, fired back with a series of messages on Twitter.

“Make up your mind sullivan and gold. One minute you say no offer

then you say its a joke offer. It was a good offer with good money

and brought in good people.” Three follow-up messages said: “Gold

and sulivan can say whatever they want. I have been a lifelong fan

and would have brought good money , good ideas, new people and a

new belief “As for PR stunts. Wow. They are always in the press

making huge claims. Were we not supposed to be in europe. Now we

have been relegated. 2 sacked managers. All good players will be

sold. “No new trainning ground which is the most important

ingredient I feel. Look at how many injuries we have. And more

investment into the academy.” Sullivan had said yesterday: “He

thinks somehow that we are desperate to have him involved or

desperate for the small amount of money he offered for 51% of the

club.” Fernandes first expressed an interest in taking over West

Ham in 2009 but he lost out on that occasion to Sullivan and his

business partner David Gold. Sullivan and Gold do want to attract

new investors into a club that is saddled with debts that could

rise to over £100million following relegation from the

Barclays Premier League. “We are not looking to sell the club but,

as we have always said, we would love co-investors to join us in

rebuilding West Ham United, which has been our aim ever since we

took charge back in January 2010,” said Sullivan. “In the event

that a serious investor came forward as was the case at Chelsea and

Manchester City, we would naturally consider it for the good of the

club – but this is certainly not the case in this instance.”