Ferguson happy with Scotland decision

Any hopes of a comeback following his acrimonious exit from the

national squad last year were ended yesterday when the Scottish

Football Association confirmed there would be no return. The

32-year-old is keen to focus on his club career with Birmingham but

also expressed fears over a media frenzy if he did play for

Scotland again. He told the Daily Record: “It has not been an easy

decision for me to make but I feel I have done the right thing.

“There was a danger that, by returning now, I would have started a

media frenzy and it would have been a distraction for the rest of

the boys and the manager. That would not have helped anybody. “Yes,

it is hard to say no to Scotland because it hurts not to be

involved with the national team. But I believe in fate and things

happen for a reason. “I want to enjoy my time here [at Birmingham]

but I wish Scotland all the best.”