Ferguson: Football is priority

Sir Alex Ferguson insists football will remain the priority at

Manchester United when David Moyes takes over at Old Trafford.

Ferguson’s exit as United boss has sparked concerns that

United’s ever-growing commercial arm will become even more


With suggestions that Moyes will not have the power to resist

their demands as Ferguson has been able to.

And with the Scot remaining on the club’s board, he is certain

his successor will have no such problems.

“The priority is the football team,” Ferguson said.

“Without the football team they wouldn’t have all the


“Everyone knows that here.

“David will soon realise the enormity of this club,” Ferguson


“Although I think he does already, he has to fit into the global

brand and number of sponsors we’ve got.

“I don’t think that is an issue. He’s got a good squad of

players and he’ll want to add to that himself.

“I’ve spoken to David a few times. He will have his own ideas

and I would imagine he will want to come in quite soon and speak to


And, speaking ahead of his final game in charge of Manchester

United on Sunday, Ferguson added: “People used to say to me ‘do you

think this one will be a manager or manage United’ about players

who are not even in the job now.

“Football is that kind of industry..

“When you’re assessing the job here you have to get somebody who

has the longevity and the experience over a long time to manage

this club.

“That is why David was above everyone else.

“I hope (he can be there for a long time).

“It’s the one club he could do that at. We’ve shown great

loyalty to our managers.”