Ferguson eyes summer swoop

The recent transfer window closed with the only addition to

Manchester United’s squad being Denmark goalkeeper Anders

Lindegaard, whose move from Norwegian outfit Aalesund had been

completed a few weeks earlier. But Ferguson has revealed he made an

additional move that ultimately did not come off. And whilst he is

not specifying who his target was, or what position they occupy on

the field, it appears the deal has only been delayed rather than

abandoned. “Billionaire owners have introduced a new world that is

turning football on its head,” Ferguson told United Review. “For

our part, we cannot afford to sit in an ivory tower. We have to

face the challenge. “It is a healthy competition and it goes

without saying that we will not shirk it and I don’t think we are

doing so. “Although I let the transfer window shut without signing

a new player, that is because we did our homework some time ago and

didn’t have to rush into any emergency buying. “We had an interest

in one player, and I thought we had a chance of bringing him in,

but the other parties involved weren’t ready and so we have put it

away until the summer.”