Fergie takes swipe at play-off idea

The suggestion that the teams finishing fourth to seventh in the

Premier League could battle it out at the end of the season to

decide who clinches the last place in Europe’s premier club

competition has not gone down well with Premier League managers.

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger, Manchester City’s Roberto Mancini,

Liverpool’s Rafael Benitez and Everton’s David Moyes have already

voiced their objections to the proposal, and Ferguson is not a fan

either. He said: “There’s always someone coming up with

hare-brained schemes from time to time. “I don’t know why people

would want to change the format of the Premier League – it’s very

good.” He added: “The product is good. “It sells well all over the

world. People want to watch English games on television. There’s no

real need to change. “Okay, all teams in the Premier League would

like to be in Europe but there’s a way of doing that and it’s to

finish in the right position.”