Fergie relishing Nev testimonial

Confirmation of Beckham’s participation in next week’s game against

Juventus completes the famed ‘Class of 92’ that emerged through the

Red Devils youth ranks at much the same time and all went on to

become United stars. Ferguson has already guaranteed Ryan Giggs and

Paul Scholes will be involved despite their presence in the United

squad for the Champions League final clash with Barcelona on May

28. And the United boss has promised further big-name

representation to provide the appropriate tribute to a player who

quit in February after amassing 602 appearances for the Old

Trafford outfit. “With David Beckham coming, along with Nicky Butt,

Phil Neville, Scholes and Giggs, it will be a fantastic occasion,”

said Ferguson. “It is great to reunite these players together.

“There is no question they created a magnificent spirit in the

place when they first arrived in the team. “It helps us too because

Gary’s service to the club deserves a good representation from

Manchester United. “He has been a fantastic servant and I hope he

gets the crowd he deserves.” It will be a novel experience too

given Neville has confirmed all power used during the game will be

matched by 52 windmills across the country powered by Ecotricity.

Neville has become more associated with sustainable projects in

recent years and has just had planning permission granted for an

‘eco home’ just north of Manchester. “I have recognised in the last

two or three years the need to make personal changes in my life,”

said the former England star. “Reducing my environmental impact is

going to be a five-year transition for me and my family but with

planning permission for my new eco-home being granted and my

association with wind turbines, I am on track to complete this

journey. “I believe sport crosses all boundaries and plays a

significant role in many people’s lives. “From my perspective, we

have to look at the effect sport has had on other issues over the

last 20 years to see that when sport comes together with society,

positive actions can happen.”