Fergie: It’ll be chaos in capital

Manchester United play Manchester City on the same weekend that

Bolton face Stoke in the other semi-final, Liverpool travel to

Arsenal for a Premier League match and thousands travel south for

the London Marathon. Ferguson told Inside United: “Just think about

this one issue, which is important: there’ll be 60,000 people

coming down from Manchester – you think about how much petrol is

used for that. “This is one issue alone. Think of the amount of

people from the north-west driving away down there. “Stoke fans,

Bolton fans, City fans, United fans – and on the same weekend

Liverpool fans are travelling down. And you’ve also got people

coming down to see the London Marathon. “It’s going to be absolute

chaos. I don’t think the cost of people travelling down to Wembley

is considered. “You’ve got Villa Park and Anfield just there on

your doorstep. It’s quite incredible but there’s nothing that can

be done about it. It’s always nice to go to Wembley, but I think

it’s much better if you just go for a final. “That’s an incentive

for every player: to play in a final at Wembley.”