Fergie issues agent warning

Allardyce, a friend of the United boss, was sacked by Rovers

earlier in the week by new owners Venky’s, despite bringing

stability to Ewood Park in recent years. Ferguson blames the

involvement of player agency the SEM Group and sports rights agency

Kentaro in advising the new owners at Blackburn for Allardyce’s

sacking. Indeed, the Premier League is monitoring the situation at

Rovers, concerned there may be ‘undue influence’ on the way the

club is run. Ferguson believes the changing nature of the game

means it is difficult to create stability and a long-term plan. “I

think it’s very difficult these days (to build a club) with the

life we’re in now,” he said in the Sunday Telegraph. “There’s

intense pressure on managers. “You’ve got that issue at Blackburn

of an agent involved and deciding the future of the club, Jerome

Anderson (of the SEM Group), he couldn’t pick his nose. “It’s

baffling and it’s a serious threat to how clubs get run and how

they conduct themselves. “It’s becoming trendy to sack a manager in

difficult circumstances and I just wonder whether Blackburn

thought, ‘You know, if Newcastle can do it, we can do it’. “I don’t

know the answers to it, but what I can say is that a manager’s job,

whatever he’s getting paid, it’s not worth it. If Sam had won on

Sunday, they’d have gone fifth in the league. “But he still would

have got sacked because they would have said they should be

fourth.” Ferguson became United’s longest-serving manager on

Sunday, breaking Sir Matt Busby’s club record. Blackburn,

meanwhile, have not found a replacement for Allardyce and the

search for their new boss continues.