Fergie expects tough title race

Ferguson believes that Liverpool and Tottenham will join the top

four to battle it out in what he describes as “the best product in

football”. He said: “To win the league in England is very difficult

and it doesn’t matter how you get the points, you just have to get

them. You’ll need 84 points to win the league next season –

definitely. “There will be increased competition in the league – I

expect Liverpool to be better and added to the top four you have

got Tottenham, although they have not done any buying this summer

which is surprising, so you expect it’s going to be a really tough

league. “You are looking at a top six fighting for a top four and

that can only add to the excitement of the Premier League, which I

think is the best product in the game now. “In Germany next season

all the season tickets are taken up in every ground and that will

create a fantastic atmosphere in German grounds, but United,

Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have full houses every week and I

still think we are the best product.” Ferguson also dismissed

reports linking Paris Saint-Germain for a move for Dimitar Berbatov

as “nonsense”, adding: “There’s no encouragement for us either.”

The United boss is also unconcerned about the effect of

internationals taking place on Wednesday, just three days before

the start of the Premier League season. He added: “They have been

doing it for two or three years now so why should it be any

different this year. I’ve no issue with it, some players may need a

game during the week. “We may have two or three players that

actually need 90 minutes. “England have done their very best under

the circumstances to reduce the playing time for players – there’s

no replays in the Cup or the semi-final of the Cup, it goes to

penalty kicks, the European clubs don’t come into the League Cup

until the later stages. “We are trying to condense the English game

as best we can to help players because you can’t keep on playing

the number of games and it not having an adverse effect. “But with

more and more internationals something has got to give and that’s a

big issue.”