Female referee ejects fan after reportedly being told to ‘go wash the dishes’


A female referee suspended a lower-division match in Spain so that an abusive fan could be removed from the ground, according to AS. Marta Galego halted Sunday's match between UE Valls and Cambrils Unio after the spectator told her to “go wash the dishes.”

Under the Catalan Football Federation's initiative to have “zero insults in the stands,” Galego stopped the match and had the fan, identified as a UE Valls supporter, ejected from the grounds. After the sexist spectator was removed, the remaining fans in attendance showed their support for the decision and gave Galego and her fellow officiating crew a standing ovation.

Referees have a hard enough job as it is. The Premier League has already made an effort to curb abuse from players, and it looks like the Catalan Football Federation are working with a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fans. It's all well and good to do some good-natured ribbing, but there's a line that shouldn't be crossed.

Hopefully more people will remember to keep it civil as more disorderly fans feel the repercussions for rude banter.