FA ready to back Rooney

Rooney will definitely miss the start of the tournament after being

sent off in Friday’s 2-2 draw with Montenegro to earn a suspension.

However, UEFA will not decide until Thursday whether to increase

his automatic one-match ban. Reports suggest Rooney has written a

letter to UEFA requesting that his sentence is not extended, while

FA director of communications Bevington says he has been working

hard behind the scenes to seek leniency. And Bevington has

indicated that the FA would be prepared to launch an appeal if the

striker is handed anything more than a one-game ban. “We are still

waiting to be advised by the Uefa disciplinary group as to what the

penalty will be,” Bevington told Sky Sports News. “We have been

working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that we are prepared

to support Wayne in any way we can. “If it does lead to an appeal

process, or any supplementary evidence we can submit to support

him, we are not disputing that he was sent off for a red-card

offence, but it is very important to us as an organisation that we

try and look after all our players. “And I would like to say, on

the record, that Wayne conducted himself incredibly well after the

game. “He was very apologetic and I felt he handled it very

maturely. “We will do all that we can to try and ensure that Wayne

is available to us as soon as possible in the finals.” UEFA will

study footage of the incident and take note of any submissions they

receive from the FA, Fabio Capello or Rooney. “There are lots of

possible sanctions going from a warning to a big fine and

three-game ban,” said a UEFA spokesman. “The disciplinary body,

based on the referee’s report, makes a decision. “This happens

pretty often but depends on the situation and also on the past of

the player, if it is a first red card or not.”