No bids for Everton’s Fellaini

Roberto Martinez says Everton have had no bids for Marouane Fellaini despite reports of new Manchester United interest.

Newspaper suggested on Wednesday that David Moyes is ready to go back to his former club with an offer for Fellaini as United’s attempts to sign Cesc Fabregas continue to prove difficult.

The Belgium midfielder played in Everton’s defeat to Valencia in the final game of their United States tour and, as far as Moyes’ replacement Martinez is concerned, it is business as usual.

"There are no bids," the Liverpool Echo quoted Martinez as saying.

"When you read that someone is interested in someone, it doesn’t mean there is a bid on the table.

"Marouane has been working really hard. Leighton Baines has been working really hard for the team and that’s all that matters.

"Headlines in the media happen at this time of the season unfortunately but it won’t distract me from the work we have to do. I’m not bothered at all.

"It is speculation in the media and you’ll never stop that. I’ve said from day one as a manager you only concentrate on working hard. I don’t mind having my players grabbing headlines. That’s a good story because it means they’ve been doing well and performing well.

"I’m only concentrating on having as strong a squad as possible for the start of the season. That’s all my concern is."