German team fined for bull’s head thrown near pitch

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Dynamo Dresden has been fined because its fans threw a severed bull's head near the pitch during a match against RB Leipzig, a team bankrolled by the Red Bull energy drink maker.

The incident happened Aug. 20 during a German Cup game between second-division Dynamo and RB Leipzig. Leipzig was promoted into the top tier this season and is equal on points with Bayern Munich after 10 rounds. The team routinely meets with hostile reception from rival fans who object to its commercial links to Red Bull.

Dynamo was fined 60,000 euros ($66,372) by the German football federation (DFB) on Monday. It will also have to close a section of its stands for one match.

Dresden police also said Monday they had identified seven people who were involved in the incident. They face misdemeanor charges.

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