Etuhu: We have earned respect

The Cottagers went on a memorable run in the 2009/10 season,

culminating in a final defeat to Atletico Madrid. They have

returned to European football’s second competition this season and

have achieved similar success in the group stages, which Etuhu

believes can be attributed to their history in the tournament. “I

definitely still think about it,” Etuhu told his club’s official

website. “No-one expected us to get to the final – especially the

route we took, playing against some of the top European teams. “It

was a great moment in time that everybody will remember at the

football club and obviously the players as well. “It’s going to be

harder for us now in Europe because teams respect us more because

of what we did last time so they going to come well prepared and

take us more seriously. Last time around people didn’t give us any

respect and we took advantage of that.”