English manager nearly brought to tears after fans pool money to pay £1,000 fine

Morecambe manager Jim Bentley certainly has the support of, well, his club’s supporters.

The Morecambe faithful pooled together their funds to give Bentley a cool £1,000. The gesture was enough to nearly bring the 40-year-old boss to tears.

Why exactly did Morecambe’s fans hook him up? It turns out that Bentley was slapped with a fine and touchline ban, and the supporters opted to cover the damage. The punishment for the Shrimps coach stemmed from his reaction to one of his players receiving a red card. Bentley stood up for his player, and now his team’s fans are standing up for him.

Morecambe currently sit 17th in the League Two table, so it’s not as though the fans are just backing him because he’s doing well. They are seemingly behind their coach, thick and thin.

Bentley seems genuinely touched and is basically speechless. Then again, who wouldn’t be with an unexpected wad of cash forked their way?