Comedian throws fake dollars at FIFA president Blatter

Prankster Simon Brodkin, who stormed the Glastonbury stage during Kanye West’s set, has made another unscheduled appearance during Sepp Blatter’s press conference – throwing money at the Fifa president.

Before Mr Blatter began speaking at the conference in Zurich, the comedian – in his character of Jason Bent – barged in front of the 79-year-old and laid down a wad of cash.

Mr Blatter could be heard calling for his security, before Brodkin was lead away.

On his way out, Brodkin – stage name Lee Nelson – threw another bundle of notes at Mr Blatter, saying "here you go Sepp".

Mr Blatter was heard saying that the stunt "was not about football" before stepping out of the room for a short time.

Shortly after the stunt, Brodkin tweeted a photo of himself gatecrashing the event from the account @Jason9Bent, with the message: "Excited to be at FIFA meeting Sepp Blatter to secure the #NorthKorea2026 World Cup."

But the comedian is not new to showing up to events uninvited.

During rapper West’s headline set on Glastonbury Saturday, Brodkin appeared on stage as Nelson wearing a T-shirt with ‘Lee-Zus’ on it before being removed by security.

This was again followed by him posting a photo on his Twitter account, accompanied by the message: "Some people were saying Kanye shouldn’t headline Glastonbury so I thought I’d give him a hand."

In June last year he tried to board the England football team’s jet as they set off for the Brazil World Cup.

Again adopting the character of Bent, he mingled with the players after they got off the team bus before boarding their plane to Miami at Luton Airport.

On that occasion he tweeted: "Gutted Roy wouldn’t let me on the plane to Brazil. I don’t know what to tell the Malaysian betting syndicate now…"

The year before, he was given a conditional caution at North Liverpool Community Justice Centre after he duped security at a Premier League match and limbered up alongside star players.

In the stunt, before Manchester City’s game at Everton on March 16 2013, Brodkin dressed as Bent, with blond highlights, shark-fin haircut and designer stubble, to blend in with the likes of England’s Joe Hart and Gareth Barry ahead of kick-off.

The qualified doctor, who had his own sketch show on BBC Three, was later charged with going on to the playing area, contrary to the Football Offences Act.

The charge was withdrawn and Brodkin was issued with a six-month conditional caution.

The Jason Bent character is Brodkin’s take on the bling lifestyle enjoyed by professional footballers.