Eden Hazard freaked out watching his brother dominate in the Champions League

Borussia Monchengladbach ran absolutely roughshod against Young Boys to the tune a 6-1 drubbing on Wednesday, booking a spot in the Champions League group stage with a 9-2 aggregate victory. Gladbach’s Thorgan Hazard whipped up a hat trick to go along with an assist in the rout, but it was his older brother, Eden, that seemed to be most excited about the performance.

Here’s how he reacted on Twitter following little bro’s hatter:

While it’s all well and good to see Eden so proud of his brother, perhaps he forgot that there’s more than just professional glory on the line here. Thorgan and Eden actually have an ongoing bet — along with the youngest Hazard brother, Kylian — where dinner is involved. The stakes are simple. Whoever of the trio has the fewest combined goals and assists at the end of the season has to buy dinner for the other two.

Despite Eden’s putrid season last year, it looks like baby brother Kylian, who plays in Hungary, was still on the hook for dinner after a combined nine goals and assists. Hopefully his older brothers kept the dinner tab affordable. To make matters worse, Thorgan is off to a blistering start to this year’s competition. Assuming Eden has even an average season, that could put Kylian behind the 8-ball.

Better start stashing some cash in that piggy bank, Kylian!