Eden Hazard cuts through Arsenal defense, scores one of the greatest goals you’ll ever see

The words aren’t coming easily. When you see a goal this good, a player this brilliant, a run this breathtaking … what can you say? What can you add to it?

Eden Hazard scored a goal against Arsenal on Saturday. It put his team up 2-0. The way he did it, well, that’s harder to capture. Watch:

Hazard collected the ball at midfield and dribbled 60-some yards. At some point in the run he tossed aside Coquelin like a poorly made rag doll, then collected himself, juked the two Arsenal center backs and put it in, and it’s hard for me to remember exactly how the shot went in because I’m pretty sure I blacked out and saw stars.

Look at Antonio Conte when the goal is scored. He doesn’t know what to do. He just starts grabbing random fans in the stands and hugging them.

What a goal. WHAT A GOAL.