Dunne starting to look forward

Aston Villa centre-back Richard Dunne insists he is ready to put the Republic of Ireland’s controversial World Cup exit behind him.

The defender is adamant he has “no feelings” regarding Friday evening’s World Cup Finals draw which will include Ireland’s conquerors France.

Dunne was spoken to on the pitch in Paris by Thierry Henry after his handball led to the goal which prompted Ireland’s downfall.

It was only afterwards that Dunne realised the extent of Henry’s involvement but there is no sense of bitterness from the ex-Manchester City player.

The 30-year-old is concentrating on trying to ensure Aston Villa have a successful season as they gear up for Saturday’s home Premier League encounter with Hull.

Dunne said: “I’m feeling good. What happened is out of the system now. It has been and gone. I’ve had three or four games with Aston Villa since I came back from Paris.

“It was disappointing at the time and you can feel sorry for yourself the day after but then it is time to move on.

“As regards the World Cup draw, I don’t have any feelings for it. It doesn’t interest me.

“France will be drawn out against somebody. In June, it will be disappointing when the finals are taking place but today it is of no interest.”

As regards Henry’s conversation with him after the game, Dunne said: “I wasn’t aware of the handball incident when he spoke to me.

“I hadn’t seen it then. I only saw it in the dressing room afterwards on the computer.

“He sat down with me. He just said he’d handled it that he didn’t mean it. I hadn’t seen then how blatantly he had handled it.

“But it is one of those things. It is disappointing at the time but you move on. I had a game for Villa only two days afterwards at Burnley.

“You can talk about what happened and cry about it but it is not going to change anything and the Premier League and Aston Villa is what is important now.

“Yes, it was heartbreaking at the time but you have to concentrate again on club football and there is no point thinking about it every day.”