Drogba: Head injury was scary

The Ivory Coast international, 33, collided with Norwich goalkeeper

John Ruddy in the Premier League clash at Stamford Bridge last

month and was told by the club’s medical staff that he was

unconscious for “six to eight minutes” afterwards. Drogba, who

could return to action for the Blues at home to Swansea, told The

Sun: “I was scared. I couldn’t remember anything from after Norwich

equalised until I was being rushed to hospital. I didn’t know what

was going on. “But I’m really grateful to everyone who helped me,

the stadium staff and the medics who calmed me down. They told me

I’d been unconscious for between six to eight minutes. “I’ve had

some injuries before – I’ve broken a leg and arm but this was

worse. I had concussion and a perforated ear drum which is why I

needed time. I was feeling dizzy and needed to wait for my ear to

heal. “I couldn’t cope with any noise, it was too noisy in my head

and I wasn’t allowed to fly because it was too dangerous. “Not

playing was frustrating, but I was lucky I was still alive and I

knew it was only a question of time and I’d play football again.”